PRX Portfolio Changes Amplify the Network’s Independent Spirit

This week, Roman Mars, host of 99% Invisible, announced the sale of his company to SiriusXM where he will continue to produce 99pi. While we will miss claiming the popular show in our roster, we wish the show success in this new chapter and send congratulations and our thanks for the great partnership during the past four years.    
The growth of 99% Invisible at PRX and resulting commercial success are testament to the network’s commitment to its producers. PRX’s investment in growing and nurturing talent through Radiotopia is one of many reasons that creators flourish at the network. SiriusXM’s decision to buy the company from Roman rather than build a new show amplifies the heart and soul PRX brings to every project, resulting in millions of listening impressions. 
We are proud to have been part of the success story by connecting sponsors seeking authentic, quality programming, with listeners who are highly educated, affluent, and influential — the ideal customer target. 
Market Enginuity believes that supporting independent producers and new voices, as well as protecting listener privacy, is paramount in today’s media landscape. Hosts we represent share unique bonds with their listeners. That builds trust and delivers unmatched value to marketers.   
As the industry grows and changes, we believe fiercely in Radiotopia’s purpose: to support ambitious independent producers who have full creative control — and put the same care and craft into sponsorship messages to create positive experiences for listeners. This is one of our unique differentiators as the industry becomes increasingly commercial, and consolidated.  
We look forward to PRX’s continued success and invite sponsors to join us and support podcasting by growing and developing independent talent. 
You can read more from PRX CEO Kerri Hoffman in a recent blog post.

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